How can I update my DNS nameservers?

Libyan Spider has implemented the DNS Management tool into our system, this service is provided for free to all our clients. From your accounts you can manage your domain from one place. There is no need to visit the .ly domain owner area provided to you by NIC.LY at the time of registration, as you can achieve all the functions easily from your account.
  • Log into your account with
  • From the main menu, choose “Domains” then My Domains.
  • Click on “Manage Domain” next to the domain you wish to update or modify.
  • Under ” Nameservers” you can modify your DNS nameserver easily and click on ” Change NameServer”.
  • Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes for the changes to take effect (especially DNS changes).

If you wish to use our DNS management tool, you will have to use our NameServers, simply by setting your namesever to the default and you can choose “use default nameservers” option.

Then go to Management Tools tab and select DNS Managment to activate your DNS Management tool and start adding and updating your records.

Please note that the DNS Management service is not included by default from the registry NIC.LY, this service is provided by Libyan Spider for FREE to all our .ly domains clients

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