How to resolve Authorization Failed: Do Not Honor

If you got the “Authorization Failed: Do Not Honor” error during trying to make payment in 2checkout system with your credit or debit card first of all you can try to

  •  wait 30 minutes
  •  use a different browser or clear  cookies and restart the browser so that a new purchase session is used when you replace the order.
  •  be sure you have entered correct CVV/CVC code !

The information passes validation on our end and an actual authorization request is sent but the bank is declining the authorization. The most common cause for this error is that the seller is located outside of the country that the bank is located in so it is showing up as an international transaction.

How to resolve the issue:

Contact the bank and let them know that you want the transaction to go through (they will be able to see the authorization attempts) and then replace the order. If they still receive problems then their purchase session is probably locked because of previous declines. They must wait 30 minutes, use a different browser or clear their cookies and restart their browser so that a new purchase session is used when they replace the order.

This is a suggestion from 2checkout payment GW.

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