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For example: if your email address is [email protected], and you own the domain, you can set up [email protected] using Email Forwarding. Emails sent to [email protected] will arrive at [email protected]

To learn how to manage your Email Forwarders, please use the following steps:

  • Login to client area
  • Click Domains > My Domains
  • Choose the domain that you want to create an Email Forwarder for and then click Manage Domain

  • Email Forwarding management will allow you to Add/Edit/Delete Aliases

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-info”]Our system will check that your domain name NS is pointing to our DNS, and Email Forwarder MX is configured correctly.[/fruitful_alert]

  • You can enable Email forwarder with one click “Enable Email Forwarding”, it will automatically add required MX records to your Domain DNS.
  • For manual configuration you may enable Email Forwarding by adding the following  MX Records to you domain
Name/Host/Alias TTL Record Type Priority Destination
@ or leave blank 3600 MX 0
@ or leave blank 3600 MX 10

Note: If you’re using DNS Management Service for your domain, you can click [Enable Email Forwardign] button to automatically update domain MX records.

Add Alias

Source Address: Enter the email address you want to create.

Status: To activate or deactivate the Email forwarder

  • After adding an Alias, success message will be shown

  • From Alias list, you can edit and delete created Aliases

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