Web Development

We develop cost effective web sites and applications with the latest web industry standards. We implement web technologies like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML4, CSS3, and more.

Our web development team specializes in:

  • Custom web application development to your specifications
  • eCommerce sites with shopping cart
  • Social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc) via their APIs
  • RSS feed integration
  • Custom Content Management Systems

We can also help you on

  • Database design, programming, and integration
  • Dynamic page creation
  • Developing interactive forms for capturing data
  • Adding functionalities to existing websites and applications

Our web applications have a specific focus on usability and ease of updates through powerful backend areas. Technical support of your project is included for a preset amount of time and we offer simple options for ongoing technical support.

Custom development

We employ Agile Development techniques to create the best websites possible. The website evolves with you as you begin to literally see the progress of the project.

How do we work?

With Agile Development, we create your website in stages. Each stage has set deliverables for the project including design, content, and functionality. You review the progress after each stage is completed to make informed decisions about how you would like to proceed.

With traditional web development, you give input only at the beginning and end of the project and not during the course of creation. The later in the project changes are made, the more costly those changes are to make.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we ensure we understand your vision for the project and the needs of your target audience. Together we outline the deliverables of the each phase and create wireframe plans for the overall flow of the website.

Design Phase

This is where we discuss how your website will look and feel. We’ll talk later about the setup of your content and the structure of the site. Design means something different to everyone so it’s important we are on the same page from the beginning.

Content Phase

Content is as if not more important than any other facet of the project. During the content phase, we establish how your text, images, and data will fuse with the structure of the site.

Front End Phase

When the design is approved, we begin to flesh out the meat of the website: modules, plug-ins, and more.

Development Phase

During this phase we execute the development of the features and functionalities discussed during the discovery phase. We integrate the many different aspects of the website to arrive at a functional, content-rich website. We optimize all files during this time to make sure there isn’t any extra baggage which will slow down the site’s loading.


This is when we deploy all files to their final hosting environment. From here just say the word and your website goes live!


Once the site has been launched, it is beneficial to schedule a time to revisit the website and make any needed updates. Our team will recommend improvements based on feedback from user behavior, site stability, usability, and SEO.