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Two-factor authentication is the concept of adding an additional layer of security by introducing a second step to your login. It combines something you know (i.e.: your password), with a second factor, typically something you physically have (such as your phone).

Since both factors are required to log in, in the event an attacker obtains your password two-factor authentication would stop them for accessing your account.

Why do you need it?

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly easy to compromise passwords. They can often be guessed or leaked, they usually don’t change very often, and despite common advice, many of us have favorite passwords that we use for more than one thing. Therefore Two-factor authentication gives you additional security as your password alone no longer allows access to your account.

Two-Factor Authentication on supports two-factor authentication using two different options:

Time Based One-Time Passwords
Time Based One-Time passwords requires downloading an OATH application onto your smartphone or tablet, and optionally a bar-code reader.
Once activated a pop-up screen will present a QR code, with optional manual code to enter into your smartphone or tablet. Once scanned or entered, a time based one time password will appear within your OATH application providing the second form of verification used to log in.
Additionally, a backup code is presented which should be stored in the event that your smartphone or tablet is not accessible and you wish to gain access into your account on

YubiKey creates a one time password stored within a USB drive that acts as a keyboard to your computer. These are physical devices that need to be purchased from Yubico directly.

How do I enable Two-Factor Authentication on my account?

To enable two-factor authentication for your account, please visit the following link for detailed step by step instructions…


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