Due to the nature of our business, we ask that you first contact us by submitting a ticket. Our team can respond faster and at the same time are able to take action on your request after verifying the account holder through the ticket submitted.

Chances are, if you call support or sales to make a request they may ask you to submit a ticket online! So submit a ticket first before you call – chances are your request can be completed faster online. If you still want to talk to us directly by phone, we would love to hear from you! We ask that you please have your client number, domain name or invoice number ready.

How to get support?


Support requests are not handled by phone. Open a ticket quickly and easily at Submit a ticket and we'll endeavor to respond within 24 hours.. Contact us.

Remote Desktop

This is available for specific services, such as Kaspersky business products. You will need to download the RDP software in order for us to help you remotely. Contact us to send you the link.

Submit a Ticket

For your convenience, the best way to contact the support or sales team is to open a ticket through your account or you can click on the link below. Submit a Ticket

On Site Visits

On-Site visits are available for our enterprise clients. To find out more on what packages we can offer you or for more information on this service please click on the following link.